Disability Lawyers – What Qualifies as a Disability

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Disability lawyers and defining disability

Disability Lawyers Explain What Qualifies as a Disability As disability lawyers with many years of experience helping people apply for social security disability benefits, we know what you are entitled to. But you might not. It can be hard to definitively determine what, exactly, qualifies as a disability, let alone whether that disability will then be considered serious enough to … Read More

Disability Attorneys – Myths About Disability

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Disability attorneys on disability myths

Disability Attorneys on Common Myths About Disability While there have been a large number of advances in the way people living with disabilities are viewed and treated, which we have previously covered in our RGG Law blog, there are still some unfortunately prevalent myths and misconceptions about disability. As experienced disability attorneys, we know that this can make it harder … Read More

Disability Lawyers and Disability Perceptions

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Disability lawyers on changing views

Disability Lawyers – How Views of Disability Have Changed RGG Law has a team of experienced disability lawyers with a long list of successful cases, winning social security disability benefits for countless people in need of support. However, as difficult as it can be sometimes to qualify for disability benefits, even with the help of the disability lawyers at RGG … Read More

Update From RGG Law: Congressional Budget Deal Prolongs Life Of Disability Trust Fund

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According to multiple new reports and official statements from the Social Security Administration, RGG Law has learned that the recently approved “budget deal” negotiated between Congressional leaders and the President has, at least in the short term, averted a potential catastrophe in which the Social Security Disability Trust Fund was expected to run short of funds and default on benefit … Read More

Answers From a Disability Attorney: What Is Substantial Gainful Activity?

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When the Social Security Administration considers a disability claim, their decision-makers use a five-step sequential evaluation process. See, 20. C.F.R. 404.1520 in the Code of Federal Regulations. Here, disability attorney Sam Coring will explain substantial gainful activity. Step one of that process is determining if the claimant (person applying for disability benefits) is engaged in “substantial gainful activity,” or what is … Read More

RGG Law Attorney Sam Coring Admitted to Kansas District Court

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RGG Law Attorney Sam Coring was recently admitted to practice law before the United States District Court for the District of Kansas. This means Mr. Coring may represent clients as an attorney in the federal courts located in the State of Kansas. Coring and other RGG Law bankruptcy and disability lawyers have long represented Kansas residents in administrative hearings regarding … Read More

RGG Law On Drugs, Alcohol and Disability

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The attorneys at RGG Law will inform you that the Social Security Administration does NOT recognize drug addiction or alcoholism as qualifying medical disorders for purposes of receiving disability benefits. While there was a time when such a diagnosis could form part of a viable disability claim, Congress amended the Social Security Act in 1996 to specifically forbid payments of … Read More

From RGG Law: Updated ALJ Decision Data Online

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The Social Security Administration has published updated data online regarding decisions by Administrative Law Judges across the country on its official website at www.ssa.gov. According to the latest posting, the information is current as of September 26, 2015. The data is available on both “html” and “xml” formats. The most direct link for ALJ decision data is here. Another option … Read More