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According to the data from their disability program, the Social Security Administration awarded disability to less than 32% of all applicants in 2015. If Social Security denied you or someone you loved, you should talk to one of the disability lawyers at RGG Law. The Social Security Administration often denies people who eventually win social security disability appeals, so do not worry yet. One of our experienced disability attorneys might be able to help.

The SSA Denies Applicants for These Common Reasons

You Are Only Disabled Temporarily

If you apply for social security disability, you will be denied unless you can prove that your disability will last for more than 12 months. The severity of the injury plays a part as well. If your injury does not prevent you from working, you are less likely to receive benefits.

High Education & High Income

The higher your income, the less likely you are to qualify for disability benefits. Social Security is for those who struggle to find gainful employment due to their disability, so the SSA sometimes denies applicants with high education. The SSA assumes highly educated applicants can work even with a physical disability.

Failure to Follow Doctors’ Orders

The SSA will deny your application for disability benefits if you don’t go to physical therapy or take medication prescribed by your doctor.

Drug Addiction Caused Your Disability

If drug or alcohol addiction contributes to your disability, the SSA will deny your application.

Why You Should File for a Social Security Disability Appeal

Social Security will provide you with an explanation of why they denied your application and depending on this, you should consider a social security disability appeal. You can request more detail from their offices if you wish. If they denied your application because of incorrect information or due to opinions you don’t agree with, you should file a social security disability appeal. Often times, the information on the severity of your injury, your age, your level of income, or your experience were filed incorrectly. Hiring a disability attorney before filing your social security disability appeal will reduce the likelihood of these mistakes happening again.

Working with Social Security Disability Benefits

The idea that you cannot work while receiving social security disability benefits is a common misconception. As long as you do not make more than $1,130 per month, you can keep your benefits and continue to work. If you win your social security disability appeal while working a part-time job, you do not have to quit your job.

Finding the Right Disability Attorney for You

At RGG Law, we know the law and we fight for your appeal. If you need a disability lawyer in Springfield, MO, we will work for you. Contact RGG Law today.