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RGG Law is a respected law firm providing legal counsel and representation in Social Security Disability.

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RGG Law Is On Your Side

RGG Law is a group of disability lawyers based in Springfield, MO. We specialize in putting our clients first. Our experienced and highly qualified lawyers understand disability law inside and out and win a staggering amount of Social Security disability appeals. If you need a disability lawyer in Springfield, MO, look no further than RGG Law.

RGG Law Area of Practice

We provide legal representation at each stage of the social security disability process. Appeals are the most common reason to contact disability lawyers, but we also do the legwork when it comes to helping you file your initial Social Security disability claim.

Social Security Disability

Unfortunately, Social Security disability appeals occur regularly. A large percentage of Social Security disability applicants are denied. Often times these applications are denied on technical issues. Other times, the applicant does not know how to best portray their situation on their application. Don’t worry, RGG Law has the experience and expertise to follow up any denied claims with a Social Security disability appeal.

RGG Law Partnership

RGG Law is now a subsidiary of Parmele Law Firm. Due to this, we can now take on more Social Security disability cases than ever before. We are happy to help you at any stage in the claims or appeals process.

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If you need help filing your disability claim or appealing a decision, the lawyers at RGG Law are only a phone call away. We offer free consultations and vow to do all we can for our clients. Get everything back on track with RGG Law today.

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