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Filing for Social Security disability is a long process with a significant amount of paperwork. While each Social Security disability case is unique to the individual, there are certain forms that are commonly used. The forms on this page are used by the RGG Law disability lawyers in the application, hearing, and appeal process.

Why Do I Need to Fill Out These Forms?filling out social security disability forms RGG Law

In order to process your Social Security disability claim, you need to provide specific information to the judge ruling on your case. The judge needs information on your medical history and treatment for the injuries that are preventing you from working. These forms break down your medical history so the judge can easily identify if your injuries meet the proper qualifications.

The Social Security disability forms used by RGG Law also detail any medications you may be taking because of your injuries. The information provided on these forms also verifies that you have been seeking medical treatment for your injuries before you filed for Social Security disability benefits.

Frequently Used Forms from RGG Law

You can download the Social Security disability forms directly from our RGG Law website by clicking on the links below. Filling out these forms quickly and accurately is vital to make sure you get your Social Security disability benefits as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the forms or need help filling them out, don’t hesitate to call or email RGG Law. A member of our knowledgeable and caring Social Security disability team will be more than happy to assist you.

Along with the commonly used Social Security disability forms, our RGG Law team has provided a list of Low-Cost Medical Providers for the cities we serve in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. These health care sources provide free or low-cost medical care or accept Medicaid patients. We understand that financial struggles are a large factor in Social Security disability claims. By providing this list, we want to help you get the medical care you need to make sure you get the Social Security disability compensation you deserve.

To see if you qualify for the low-cost medical care in your area, you must contact the providers directly. Click on the links below for providers in your area.

Social Security Forms

Low-Cost Providers