RGG Law Explains Why Community Matters to a Law Firm

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RGG Law and the community

RGG Law and the Importance of Community

At RGG Law, we believe that being part of the local community is an important part of being a trustworthy law firm. But why? Why does it matter that disability attorneys and bankruptcy lawyers consider themselves a part of the community in the area they serve? In this blog, RGG Law explains why it matters and why it means you should contact us if you’re seeking Social Security legal aid or are filing bankruptcy in Springfield, MO.

Giving Back to the Community

RGG Law places great importance on community involvement. Members of the RGG legal team support a wide range of local and national organizations, including the American Heart Association, the Children’s Miracle Network, The Kitchen, Inc., St. Agnes Cathedral, Springfield Little Theater, the YMCA and many more. From charities to churches, fine arts and fitness programs, we encourage our team to take an active interest in local organizations.

The reason for this is that we believe in not just serving our clients in the courtroom but outside of it, too. Many of these organizations go a long way to improving the local area, whether it’s through giving kids an opportunity to learn, play and grow, renovating older areas of town, or providing for those in need.

There’s a common misconception about those who work in law to represent people as lawyers and attorneys – that their main concern is the money. We’re out to prove just how false that is, but contributing to community activities and improvement in ways that don’t involve any fees – legal or otherwise.

Speaking the Language of Your Community

A big benefit of being involved in the community in this way – of actively taking part in helping to improve the local area – is working with the people. Being side by side with your neighbors, especially taking part in an organized activity, is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get to know them.

Through active involvement, our team has gotten to know the real people in and around Springfield, from all walks of life. Through this experience, the team at RGG Law has gotten to know the culture of the local area, developing an understanding of the people, and fostering their own feeling of belonging.

This means that not only does RGG Law understand the community, but is a part of it. This a vital component of helping those same people handle such personal legal issues as filing bankruptcy and applying for Social Security disability benefits.

RGG Law and Local Legal Support

If you’re looking for a bankruptcy law firm in Springfield, MO, or a disability attorney to help you with your Social Security application, you can rely on us. Our team of attorneys and lawyers love their local area and are dedicated to helping those they share it with tackle their legal issues with confidence.