Common Reasons for Filing Bankruptcy

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Person who needs to consider filing bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy: Typical Causes for Doing So Whether you like it or not, filing bankruptcy is sometimes necessary in order to get a fresh start with your financial standings. Reaching this point can happen from a combination of factors and tends to differ from person to person. It may sneak up on you out of nowhere or finally strike after … Read More

Disability Lawyers Explain Common Mistakes People Make

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Disability lawyers helping people who made mistakes

Things to Avoid as Explained by Disability Lawyers Going through the Social Security disability process requires many steps, a good amount of patience, and an understanding of many phrases. Unfortunately, this list of items can result in people making some costly mistakes that end up jeopardizing their chances of gathering benefits. At RGG Law, our disability lawyers want to make … Read More

Bankruptcy Lawyers Explain Good Financial Planning

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Bankruptcy lawyers sharing advice

Advice From a Bankruptcy Lawyer on Staying Financially Stable Filing bankruptcy is something that no one wishes to do. The term itself has terrifying connotations, and many people get scared at the mere thought of having to admit to such a process. However, sometimes filing bankruptcy is necessary to get back on the right track. Whatever your situation may be, … Read More

Glossary of Terms From a Disability Lawyer

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Disability lawyer explaining terms

Our Disability Lawyers Explain Common Terms Applying for Social Security disability benefits can involve a lot of confusing technical terms that may not be easily identifiable up front. However, knowing what these phrases mean can be very important in doing well during the appeals process. In an effort to make sure our clients are up to par with all there … Read More

Filing Bankruptcy – A Glossary of Terms (Part 5)

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More filing bankruptcy definitions

A Glossary of Terms for Filing Bankruptcy (Part 5) RGG Law offers another entry in our ongoing blog series, breaking down some of the more mysterious terms when it comes to filing bankruptcy. At RGG Law, our team of professional bankruptcy lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys knows how overwhelming filing bankruptcy can be, and some of the complex terminology can just … Read More

Rich, Famous, and Filing Bankruptcy

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Celebrities filing bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy When You’re Not So Rich, But Still Famous Even the rich and famous are not immune to financial mistakes. In fact, celebrities end up filing bankruptcy more frequently than many of us, to avoid a much bigger blow to their personal fortune. Often, filing bankruptcy tends to be a smarter decision for someone famous, as their already-established brand … Read More

Buying a House After Filing Bankruptcy

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Buying a house after filing bankruptcy

Can You Buy a House After Filing Bankruptcy? For many people, the idea of filing bankruptcy sounds like a last ditch solution, like pushing the self-destruct button on your own finances to avoid a larger catastrophe. For those same people, one of the major pieces of collateral damage that result from filing bankruptcy is that they will never be able … Read More

Disability Lawyers – What Qualifies as a Disability

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Disability lawyers and defining disability

Disability Lawyers Explain What Qualifies as a Disability As disability lawyers with many years of experience helping people apply for social security disability benefits, we know what you are entitled to. But you might not. It can be hard to definitively determine what, exactly, qualifies as a disability, let alone whether that disability will then be considered serious enough to … Read More

Disability Attorneys – Myths About Disability

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Disability attorneys on disability myths

Disability Attorneys on Common Myths About Disability While there have been a large number of advances in the way people living with disabilities are viewed and treated, which we have previously covered in our RGG Law blog, there are still some unfortunately prevalent myths and misconceptions about disability. As experienced disability attorneys, we know that this can make it harder … Read More

Disability Lawyers and Disability Perceptions

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Disability lawyers on changing views

Disability Lawyers – How Views of Disability Have Changed RGG Law has a team of experienced disability lawyers with a long list of successful cases, winning social security disability benefits for countless people in need of support. However, as difficult as it can be sometimes to qualify for disability benefits, even with the help of the disability lawyers at RGG … Read More