Disability Lawyers and Talking to Your Physician

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Disability lawyers’ advice for talking to your doctor

Disability Lawyers on Explain Your Condition Clearly For some people, going to the doctor is a nerve-wracking experience even on a normal basis. They may get nervous about talking to their doctor, about telling them what the problem is, or about medical costs. If you’re applying for Social Security disability, it can be even more intimidating. At RGG Law, our … Read More

A Disability Attorney’s Advice for Finding a Doctor

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A disability attorney on finding a doctor you trust

How to Find the Right Doctor? A Disability Attorney’s Advice Knowing that you can trust your doctor to support you during your Social Security disability claim is extremely important, and if you don’t think your doctor will – or you don’t currently have a regular GP — it might be time to seek help elsewhere. The disability attorney team at … Read More

Filing Bankruptcy When You Don’t Have a Job

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Filing Bankruptcy Unemployed

How Filing Bankruptcy Works When You’re Unemployed You don’t have to be employed to file bankruptcy. In fact, filing bankruptcy while unemployed will most likely make it easier for you to pass the means test. That being said, there are several ways that filing bankruptcy will be different if you’re unemployed. Today we’ll go over some of these issues, and … Read More

How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect Retirement Funds?

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Filing Bankruptcy Retirement

Will Filing Bankruptcy Take Away from My Retirement? One of the biggest benefits of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is they’ll be able to tell you all of the assets that will be protected through the process, and what assets might be susceptible to being taken. A common worry for many clients is if their IRA and other retirement accounts will … Read More

Why Filing Bankruptcy Can Be a Good Thing

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Man happy after filing bankruptcy

The Good Things that Come from Filing Bankruptcy When people think of filing bankruptcy, negative things usually come to mind. The notion of being in debt and having to take legal action can seem like an unfavorable process. However, declaring bankruptcy can actually serve as a very good thing for the people who have no other option. We understand that … Read More

What Makes for Good Bankruptcy Lawyers?

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Traits of good bankruptcy lawyers

Good Bankruptcy Lawyers Consist of These Characteristics When it comes to filing bankruptcy, there can be a lot of processes that are unfamiliar to the average person. Because of this, it is highly suggested that you hire a lawyer experienced in the dealings of bankruptcy to guide you along the way. What exactly makes someone qualified and suitable enough to … Read More

A Disability Attorney Explains Gaining Benefits with Depression

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Man with depression who needs a disability attorney

How the SSA Considers Benefits with Depression As Explained by a Disability Attorney When it comes to Social Security disability, many people do not realize that benefits can be awarded to those with mental disorders. Among these common psychiatric illnesses that can qualify is depression, which is categorized by feelings of sadness, lack of interest in activities, general fatigue, and … Read More

A Disability Attorney Explains Common Conditions that Receive Benefits

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Man who needs a disability attorney because of back pain

Ailments That Often Receive Benefits as Explained by a Disability Attorney Applying for Social Security disability benefits can seem like a hit-or-miss situation at times. You may know that you have a long-term disability but are having trouble convincing the administration that your ailment is preventing you from doing gainful work. The SSA’s definition of a disability can be complicated … Read More

Signs You Should Consider Filing Bankruptcy

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Couple who needs to consider filing bankruptcy

Evidence That You Should Contemplate Filing Bankruptcy Many people ask our bankruptcy lawyers when the right time is to discuss a filing. A lot of individuals may be facing financial troubles but are still not sure if it is to the extent of filing bankruptcy. So when is the right time to wave the white flag and take the steps … Read More