A Disability Attorney Explains Gaining Benefits with Depression

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How the SSA Considers Benefits with Depression As Explained by a Disability Attorney

When it comes to Social Security disability, many people do not realize that benefits can be awarded to those with mental disorders. Among these common psychiatric illnesses that can qualify is depression, which is categorized by feelings of sadness, lack of interest in activities, general fatigue, and possible thoughts of suicide. Depression happens to be the leading cause of disability in the U.S., therefore making it a very prevalent issue to discuss in relation to acquiring benefits. The disability attorneys at RGG Law decided to explain some of the factors that the administration considers for individuals that have depression.

The SSA’s List of Symptoms

When the Social Security Administration considers cases with depression, they look to see if a person’s symptoms meet certain criteria that classify the disorder as severe. These requirements are comprised of having a depressed mood, lack of interest in activities, insomnia, lack of appetite, feelings of guilt, difficulty thinking, decreased physical movement, and thoughts of suicide. An individual must be experiencing five of these symptoms in order to be considered for Social Security disability benefits. RGG Law suggests speaking with a disability attorney for assistance in understanding these requirements.

How Depression Affects the Ability to Work

Aside from meeting the description of at least five of the aforementioned symptoms, a person’s ability to function in certain aspects of life must be influenced by their disorder. The factors the SSA looks at in this category include having trouble remembering things, learning new information, encountering difficulty concentrating on certain tasks, having an inability to be responsible for routine chores, and struggling to socialize with others. By classifying in at least one of these areas, the SSA can recognize that your depression has affected your ability to do many laborious tasks. A disability attorney from RGG Law can help in interpreting these symptoms to your condition.

Qualifying When Your Depression Doesn’t Meet the Criteria

If your depression does not meet the above qualifications, then our disability attorneys want you to be aware of an additional way that you may receive benefits. The SSA can grant a medical vocational allowance, which is basically an exception to the defined lists of impairments, and you can receive a form of aid. To consider your ability for receiving this, the administration will look out the following benchmarks: having the ability to make decisions pertaining to work, handling alterations in routine, following instructions, and having appropriate communication between peers. It may be a bit more tricky to gain benefits through this format, but it’s nonetheless an option that is available.

Contact RGG Law to Speak with a Disability Attorney

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