A Disability Attorney Explains Common Conditions that Receive Benefits

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Man who needs a disability attorney because of back pain

Ailments That Often Receive Benefits as Explained by a Disability Attorney

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can seem like a hit-or-miss situation at times. You may know that you have a long-term disability but are having trouble convincing the administration that your ailment is preventing you from doing gainful work. The SSA’s definition of a disability can be complicated to pinpoint. However, there are a handful of conditions that tend to receive benefits very frequently. At RGG Law, our disability attorneys decided to break down some of the most common forms of disabilities that are awarded benefits.


While cancer can come in many forms – some worse than others – the SSA typically recognizes the overall severity of the ailment. People with cancer are usually able to gain benefits from the administration given the common long-term sustainment of the disease. Conditions that are likely to stick around for a while tend to side well with the government because of the specific considerations of your ability to perform labor. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea to have a disability attorney by your side.

Cardiovascular Issues

Ailments of the heart are also typically awarded benefits from the Social Security Administration because of the relative severity of the disease. Symptoms of cardiovascular problems can include shortness of breath and pain of the chest, which are certainly some conditions that could affect your ability to work. RGG Law advises consulting with your disability attorney about your conditions before heading into your Social Security disability appeal.


Aching of the bones and joints is among the most common reasons people receive Social Security disability benefits. People experiencing prolonged back, shoulder, and knee pain are often successful in convincing the administration of their inability to work for an extended period of time. Our disability attorneys suggest speaking with our disability law firm for help with securing your benefits.

Being Overweight

While merely being overweight is not grounds for receiving Social Security disability benefits, some of the conditions that result from obesity can definitely affect your ability to work. Detriments like mental illness, heart disease, or aching throughout your body may receive benefits if deemed serious enough. Because obesity can be a bit more tricky for proving your case, it is always a good idea to have a disability attorney to guide you through the process.

Contact RGG Law to Speak With a Disability Attorney

While these conditions all tend to be awarded Social security disability benefits fairly often, it is always a good idea to make sure you have a disability attorney to help you through the process of appealing your claim. For more information on how we can be of service to you, contact RGG Law at 417-864-4700.