Disability Attorney Tips on Winning a Seizure Disorder Disability Claim

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seizure disability case

As with any disability claim, it is always important to get proper medical treatment to document the nature and severity of your medical problems. In cases where the primary medical impairment is a seizure disorder, it’s especially important to get proper medical treatment and to inform your RGG Law disability attorney of these medical records. Indeed, the frequency and severity … Read More

RGG Law Staff Can Help File Initial Social Security Applications

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RGG Law disablity application help

In 2013, RGG Law expanded its services to Social Security disability clients by hiring and training staff whose sole function is to help disability clients file their initial application with the Social Security Administration. Sadly, our disability attorneys don’t always have time for this important leg work. Implementation of this new staff has proven to be a very popular service … Read More

An Overview of the Social Security Disability Appeal Process

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social security disability appeal

Applying for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration is often a series of steps, one Social Security disability appeal after another. RGG Law understands that knowing what to expect and what comes next is important. Here is an overview of those steps for easy reference. What the Social Security Disability Appeal Process Looks Like Initial Application When a person … Read More

Social Security Disability Appeals and Hearings Backlog

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SSD hearing backlog grows

In the past 15 years, under great pressure from Congress and others, the Social Security Administration has aggressively pursued efforts to reduce the notoriously long backlogs of pending requests for Social Security disability appeals and hearings. This project involved the hiring of additional administrative law judges and staff, the transition to electronic case management systems and upgraded computerization, a more frequent … Read More

Monitoring Depleted Disability Trust Fund with RGG Law

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Disability Attorney - On the Docket

According to multiple news reports, the trustees that oversee the Social Security disability trust fund report the fund will “run out of money” in late 2016. This could have a large effect on RGG Law clients and could potentially impact over 11 million Americans who receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, also known as Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB). Unless Congress … Read More

RGG Law News: Court Decision Impacts Social Security

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supreme court decision

Social Security Administration issued a statement that it is working with the Department of Justice regarding the issues created by the recent Supreme Court decision recognizing same-sex marriages. RGG Law stays up to date on all things concerning Social Security. SSA is working to resolve issues regarding the date of recognition of marriages by state; how to consider children of … Read More

A Disability Attorney Explains: Logging Episodic Symptoms

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Disability Attorney - Episodic Symptom Diary

Disabling medical symptoms can be chronic and unrelenting, or they can be recurring symptoms which cause challenges only when they are present. Recurring or episodic symptoms are those that come and go. If these symptoms are severe enough to interrupt competitive when they occur and they occur with sufficient frequency and duration, they are considered disabling by most disability attorneys. … Read More

Disability Overpayment Dangers And Options

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Disability Attorney - Disability Overpayment

There are many ways in which the Social Security Administration may make an error and pay more in disability benefits to a person than they are allowed by law. This can occur with regard to both back pay awards or monthly benefits. A disability attorney can help these mistakes from occurring. How the SSA Can Get It Wrong When You … Read More