RGG Law Staff Can Help File Initial Social Security Applications

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In 2013, RGG Law expanded its services to Social Security disability clients by hiring and training staff whose sole function is to help disability clients file their initial application with the Social Security Administration. Sadly, our disability attorneys don’t always have time for this important leg work. Implementation of this new staff has proven to be a very popular service for new clients who feel overwhelmed in their dealings with Social Security and do not know how to get started. It has also greatly enhanced the quality of the claims filed, making sure the case gets off to a strong start.

Ordinarily, to file a disability claim, the claimant must visit their local Social Security office in person, call the agency on their toll-free number or file an online claim on the agency’s website. Getting out and about to visit the local Social Security office can be difficult for persons with serious medical problems. Local SSA offices are often busy and crowded places. When you do speak to a person, there is usually some pressure to get your claim processed quickly to serve others who are waiting. Meanwhile, the toll-free number is sometimes so busy you can spend a long time on hold or navigating with touch tones. Some are savvy enough with computers to do an online application, but for many computers can be intimidating.

How RGG Law Handles Disability Claim Applications

When RGG Law helps a client file a disability claim, you are sent some initial paperwork to sign and return. After that, the rest of the application can be handled with you by telephone (although in-person appointments are possible, if you prefer, at our Springfield, Missouri office). While you will provide information to RGG Law staff, they will fill in the forms (online or otherwise) for you. Our trained team of application specialists will make sure the application paperwork is completed thoroughly and properly. We will invest the time your claim needs and deserves. After all, we are only paid when you WIN your claim.

“Not every law firm will help their clients at this stage of the process,” explained Attorney Sam Coring, the attorney in charge of managing RGG Law’s Social Security Disability practice. “Some lawyers at other firms will send a client off with vague instructions to get their application started and be told to come back if they get denied at the first step. At RGG Law we want to be involved at the very first step, and we want to help maximize our client’s chances for victory from the beginning.”

In addition to completing application paperwork, RGG Law also helps their clients with other critical paperwork during the initial application process, including questionnaires sent out by the agency after the claim is filed. Specifically, clients are urged to allow RGG Law staff to assist them with completion of the Adult Function Report, a form which is often relied upon at later stages in the claim.

“If clients complete this paperwork on their own and do not provide the kind of supporting detail or explanations needed, their answers may actually hurt their claim,” warned Coring. “Each form you complete is evidence you are submitting on your case. You should have your lawyer involved in this step and your lawyer should recognize how important it is to the outcome of your case.”