Answers From a Disability Attorney: What Is Substantial Gainful Activity?

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When the Social Security Administration considers a disability claim, their decision-makers use a five-step sequential evaluation process. See, 20. C.F.R. 404.1520 in the Code of Federal Regulations. Here, disability attorney Sam Coring will explain substantial gainful activity. Step one of that process is determining if the claimant (person applying for disability benefits) is engaged in “substantial gainful activity,” or what is … Read More

Social Security Disability Appeals and Hearings Backlog

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SSD hearing backlog grows

In the past 15 years, under great pressure from Congress and others, the Social Security Administration has aggressively pursued efforts to reduce the notoriously long backlogs of pending requests for Social Security disability appeals and hearings. This project involved the hiring of additional administrative law judges and staff, the transition to electronic case management systems and upgraded computerization, a more frequent … Read More

RGG Law Explores Differences in SSD and SSI

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Disability Attorney - Social Security Administration Logo

The Social Security Administration administers many benefit programs. Of course, everyone is familiar with the Social Security retirement benefit based upon our earnings record to which we become entitled at retirement age, but RGG Law wants to be sure you are aware of other Social Security programs. There is also a survivor’s benefit for the minor children of a deceased … Read More

Share Regular Medical Testing with Your Disability Attorney

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Medical testing

While it may seem obvious, objective diagnostic testing which verifies the diagnosis of a medical impairment is important to a well-documented disability case. Such testing can also shed light on the severity of a medical impairment as well. Repeated testing can, of course, show the progression or worsening of the medical problem over time. Tests can give you and your … Read More