RGG Law Explores Differences in SSD and SSI

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Disability Attorney - Social Security Administration Logo

The Social Security Administration administers many benefit programs. Of course, everyone is familiar with the Social Security retirement benefit based upon our earnings record to which we become entitled at retirement age, but RGG Law wants to be sure you are aware of other Social Security programs. There is also a survivor’s benefit for the minor children of a deceased … Read More

RGG Law, Client Confidentiality, and Modern Technology

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Confidential Communication

Maintaining the confidences of one’s clients is part of the oath that every attorney takes when admitted to practice law. We, the disability and bankruptcy lawyers at RRG Law, consider this one of our highest ethical duties. However, unintentionally, many clients, of RGG Law or other law firms, end up compromising their own confidential communications with their attorneys. Once such … Read More

RGG Law MSS Forms

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disability forms

In almost every disability case, RGG Law provides its clients with standardized forms created by the firm. Clients should present this form to their doctor when seeking an opinion regarding their functional limitations. Doctors can rate their patient’s ability to perform physically or mentally in different work-related categories. Such RGG Law provided forms, referred to as Medical Source Statements (MSS … Read More

Share Regular Medical Testing with Your Disability Attorney

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Medical testing

While it may seem obvious, objective diagnostic testing which verifies the diagnosis of a medical impairment is important to a well-documented disability case. Such testing can also shed light on the severity of a medical impairment as well. Repeated testing can, of course, show the progression or worsening of the medical problem over time. Tests can give you and your … Read More

RGG Law Remembers Honorable Wayne Falkenstein

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The Late Wayne Falkenstein of RGG Law

RGG Law regretfully announces that the Honorable C. Wayne Falkenstein of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma passed away on Monday, May 4, 2015, after deteriorating health related to a heart condition. Falkenstein represented claimants as a disability attorney in Oklahoma for RGG Law in the final phase of his long and distinguished career of over 50 years practicing law. Falkenstein’s Achievements Before … Read More

Disability Attorney Tips: Winning a Fibromyalgia Disability Case

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fibromyalgia symptoms

While there is a history of controversy and doubt in some circles regarding this diagnosis, the Social Security Administration has recognized Fibromyalgia Syndrome as a legitimate medical impairment. Also, if a person has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, they usually have other serious medical impairments as well that contribute to their functional limitations. If you or someone you love has been … Read More

RGG Law Works with Childhood Disability

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It is possible for a child (defined as anyone under the age of 18) to apply for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration. This would typically be a claim for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits under Title XVI of the Social Security Act. RGG Law disability attorneys can work with you and your child if they are eligible. A … Read More

Coring Studies Veteran Issues

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Veterans benefits

On April 9, 2015, RGG Law attorney Sam M. Coring participated in a national seminar hosted by the National Business Institute (NBI) on the topic “Obtaining Veterans Benefits.” The focus of the meeting included a general overview of various veterans benefits programs, the appeals process for VA claim decisions and issues related to veterans and their claims for disability benefits, … Read More

A Disability Attorney Explains the SSA Definition of Disability

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definition of disability

There are many definitions of disability in the law. These definitions exist for different purposes, are sometimes set forth under different statutes and regulations, and are assessed in the eyes of different agencies of the federal and state governments. As disability lawyers, we devote our time to understanding the nuances of these differences. While there are certainly similarities to other … Read More

Tips from a Disability Attorney: Don’t Overlook Symptoms

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Mental Health Symptoms

While some disability cases obviously focus on physical impairments and others are entirely focused on mental health problems, there is often an overlap between the two. Many disabled workers suffer from a combination of both physical and mental symptoms. Getting proper mental health treatment to document symptoms of depression, anxiety, memory loss or poor concentration is an often overlooked when … Read More