New RGG Law Staff Will Help You Win Disability Benefits

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We hear you.

What we heard is that many people feel worry, concern, and fear when faced with the initial application for Social Security Disability benefits. Everyone knows that most who apply for benefits are initially denied. This only adds to the anxiety of making sure your application is done right from the very beginning. At RGG Law, we are ready to help.

The disability lawyers at RGG Law thought, instead of having people come to us after they have already applied and try to work with the imperfect initial application process after the fact, why not extend our expertise to assist people with the application and get it right from the very start? Genius! So recently we put in place dedicated RGG Law staff that are here for only one reason – to Help you with your initial Social Security disability application.

The RGG Law Difference

In the short time we, at RGG Law, have been doing this, we have seen a surprising number of people awarded benefits off of the initial application who otherwise would have been denied.

If you or someone you know has been thinking about applying for Social Security Disability benefits but doesn’t know where to start RGG Law can help.

If you know someone who has started the process of applying for benefits, but never finished because the application is so overwhelming, we can help.

You don’t have to wait to be denied for us to help. All it takes is one free phone call and we can help. (888) 834-3902