Social Security Disability Appeals and Hearings Backlog

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SSD hearing backlog grows

In the past 15 years, under great pressure from Congress and others, the Social Security Administration has aggressively pursued efforts to reduce the notoriously long backlogs of pending requests for Social Security disability appeals and hearings. This project involved the hiring of additional administrative law judges and staff, the transition to electronic case management systems and upgraded computerization, a more frequent … Read More

A Disability Attorney Explains the SSA Definition of Disability

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definition of disability

There are many definitions of disability in the law. These definitions exist for different purposes, are sometimes set forth under different statutes and regulations, and are assessed in the eyes of different agencies of the federal and state governments. As disability lawyers, we devote our time to understanding the nuances of these differences. While there are certainly similarities to other … Read More

RGG Law Discusses the SSA 2015 Budget

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Disability Attorney - Social Security Administration Logo

In 1994, the Social Security Administration (SSA) had approximately 70,000 employees compared to its current staffing levels of 62,000. In the fiscal year 2014, SSA officials processed 2.86 million applications for disability benefits. This is fewer than anyone, RGG Law and the SSA included, expected and may be due to a strengthening economy. However, the number of people denied on an … Read More