A Disability Attorney’s Advice on Medication Side Effects

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Disability Attorney - Medication Side Effects

As bad as an underlying medical condition may be in terms of limiting a person’s ability to function in the workplace, an often overlooked aspect of such cases is the impact of required medications and their side effects on a person’s work-related functioning. Even if an underlying medical problem is controlled by medication, a person taking certain medications may well … Read More

Share Regular Medical Testing with Your Disability Attorney

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Medical testing

While it may seem obvious, objective diagnostic testing which verifies the diagnosis of a medical impairment is important to a well-documented disability case. Such testing can also shed light on the severity of a medical impairment as well. Repeated testing can, of course, show the progression or worsening of the medical problem over time. Tests can give you and your … Read More

Tips from a Disability Attorney: The Worth of Doctors’ Opinions

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treating doctor's opinion

Social Security Disability cases are not decided by you disability attorney or by your work’s human resources department. Federal Administrative Law Judges conduct disability hearings. These judges decide cases based upon the testimony of witnesses your disability attorney provides at the hearing and, most importantly, the medical evidence of record. Medical evidence considered by the judge is accorded varying degrees … Read More