RGG Law Will Help You File Your Springfield, MO, Disability Claim

AdminSocial Security Disability

Beginning in 2013, RGG Law will offer a new service to potential clients who have not yet filed their disability application with the Social Security Administration.  RGG Law now has trained staff who will, by appointment, take information by telephone and file an online application for benefits directly with the Social Security Administration.

This new service spares many clients from having to go to the local Social Security office in person or having to apply through the toll-free number operated by the agency.  Both of those options can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Clients can also have confidence that someone will be advocating for them and putting the strongest possible effort into their claim from the very first step. Clients know the person they are working with from RGG Law is on their side.

Many people who come to RGG Law for help with  their disability claim have already received a denial of their Social Security claim and are looking for help with their Social Security disability appeal.  Some people do not realize they can have the help of a disability lawyers from the beginning of the process.  For those who have not yet filed their application, or who need to file a new application, RGG Law is ready to make that process much easier.