Disability Attorney Tips on Winning a Seizure Disorder Disability Claim

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seizure disability case

As with any disability claim, it is always important to get proper medical treatment to document the nature and severity of your medical problems. In cases where the primary medical impairment is a seizure disorder, it’s especially important to get proper medical treatment and to inform your RGG Law disability attorney of these medical records. Indeed, the frequency and severity … Read More

A Disability Attorney Explains: Logging Episodic Symptoms

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Disability Attorney - Episodic Symptom Diary

Disabling medical symptoms can be chronic and unrelenting, or they can be recurring symptoms which cause challenges only when they are present. Recurring or episodic symptoms are those that come and go. If these symptoms are severe enough to interrupt competitive when they occur and they occur with sufficient frequency and duration, they are considered disabling by most disability attorneys. … Read More