How to Get a Credit Report When Filing Bankruptcy

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filing bankruptcy and credit scores

When preparing bankruptcy schedules, it can be quite a project to identify and provide contact information, including account numbers, for all creditors. Yet, it is essential for people filing bankruptcy to provide a complete and accurate list of their creditors. Among other things, the bankruptcy court cannot mail a notice to creditors after you finish filing bankruptcy if, at a … Read More

Filing Bankruptcy after Preferential Payments

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Preferential Payment

Most people filing bankruptcy have certain obligations they would rather pay such as loans to family and friends before paying their other debts. But if a preferred creditor is paid back with money or property prior to filing bankruptcy it may be considered a preferential debt payment or transfer. The Bankruptcy Court has the power to undo the preferential payment … Read More

After Filing Bankruptcy: Creditors Who Violate Bankruptcy Stay

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bankruptcy stay

When a person finishes filing bankruptcy, the Court ordinarily mails notices to all creditors ordering them to cease all debt collection activity. This Order, known as the Automatic Stay, applies to collection letters, telephone calls, scheduled foreclosures, repossessions, action on pending lawsuits, execution of judgments (including garnishments) and a wide variety of other creditor conduct. While it is possible for … Read More