How Soon Should I Make a Social Security Disability Appeal

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Calendar for Planning Social Security Disability Appeal

When to Make Your Social Security Disability Appeal

Having your Social Security disability claim denied can be incredibly disheartening. If it happens to you, don’t give up. Many people get denied who deserve benefits. That’s what the Social Security disability appeal is for. When preparing a Social Security disability appeal, don’t rush. Make sure to take your time to make your case stronger than the initial claim. A disability attorney from RGG Law can help you with this process. Until then, take a look at our advice for planning your Social Security disability appeal.

Respond Quickly, But Not Sloppily

When you receive notice of your denial, you may be incredibly frustrated. You know that you need disability, and you were denied. How is this possible? Thinking it’s a mistake, you file your Social Security disability appeal right away, using no new information. Even if you’re entitled to benefits, this approach won’t work. You may have been denied due to a number of reasons, but taking the same approach as your initial claim is a good way to run into more frustration. You should definitely respond as soon as possible, but make sure you’re building a proper case first.

Consider Why You Were Denied

It’s important to not be hasty after receiving your denial. Your denial will have some information as to why you were denied, see if you can find what relevant information might have been left out. The first step of appeals is reconsideration in some states, where a new claim examiner will take a look at your case. In Missouri, the reconsideration step has been eliminated. If you have had any new medical visits or examinations, be sure to include them. Try to make sure any relevant information or documents you may have accidentally left out last time are included. There are several steps to Social Security disability appeal, and you may get denied again before you’re able to appeal before an administrative law judge.

Contact A Disability Attorney to Help with Your Social Security Disability Appeal

A disability attorney can give you the best chance of winning your social security disability appeal. They’ll be able to take a close look at your case and tell you why you might have been denied. Disability law can be very complicated, so let an expert help you navigate the process. A disability lawyer at RGG Law is ready to assist you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We can help you get the Social Security disability benefits you deserve.