What Do I Need to Prepare for a Social Security Disability Appeal?

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Be Prepared for Your Social Security Disability Appeal

What You’ll Need for Your Social Security Disability Appeal

Filing for Social Security disability is a daunting task. Getting all of your paperwork filed is a hassle. It can be quite an intimidating process, where a simple error can mess with your livelihood. It can be incredibly disheartening to make it through the exhausting process only to find out that your claim was denied.

Don’t let a denial discourage you from continuing to pursue the benefits that you may be entitled to. In many cases, a simple error in the filing process is the culprit. Getting your ducks in a row will likely make a difference. The disability lawyers at RGG Law have compiled a few tips for preparing for your Social Security disability appeal.

Paper Trail

Make sure that any and all paperwork is gathered, from the medical documentation and work history to the letter explaining the reason that your claim was rejected. Every bit of tangible proof of your need for disability benefits and documentation of the events leading up to your Social Security disability appeal is important to hold on to.

Respond Promptly & Correctly

From the day you receive the letter, denying your benefits, you are afforded 60 days to file your Social Security disability appeal. Sure, you can get online and file it now, but hurrying through the process runs a high risk of error and raises the chances that your claim will get denied again.

Hire a Disability Attorney

Fortunately, you have another chance to get things right. You don’t want your future income to be contingent on your ability to make it through the process without any more clerical errors. You may be able to understand some, but throughout this one case, there’s no way that you can learn the ropes of a process that disability lawyers go to law school to master and have years of experience navigating people through.

Enlisting the help of disability lawyers, who specialize in these cases and this process, will ensure that each and every detail is filed correctly. Your disability attorney will guide you through this process and give you the best chance at success with your Social Security disability appeal.

RGG Law is Here to Help With Your Social Security Disability Appeal

We understand that you’re in a vulnerable position, and you are truly our priority. We don’t want the idea of lawyer’s fees to keep you from getting the help that you need; we offer a free initial consultation, where our disability attorneys will review your case and give you an honest assessment. We also work on a contingency basis; which means that, in moving forward with your Social Security disability appeal, we will only collect our fees if you are awarded your disability benefits.