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Attorney Jon Gold

Attorney Jon Gold of RGG Law appeared in Kansas City on February 25, 2015, before a three-judge panel of the United States Bankruptcy Appellate Panel (BAP) for the Eighth Circuit. He was representing an RGG Law client who was filing bankruptcy. While most bankruptcy cases do not involve contested matters or appeals to higher courts, those with more complicated financial affairs need to be prepared to answer more questions and potentially face more legal questions regarding bankruptcy issues.

The Bankruptcy Appellate Panel is a component of the United States Court of Appeals in each federal judicial circuit designated to hear appeals regarding bankruptcy cases. While the Court of Appeals in each circuit can also take up bankruptcy cases, the Courts often defer to the BAP on bankruptcy issues, making it the last step in each circuit before an appeal to the United States Supreme Court. RGG Law bankruptcy lawyers are willing and prepared for any cases that reach this stage.

The judges on these panels are typical highly experienced bankruptcy judges who have focused their careers in this area of law. Ordinarily, only the most experienced private attorneys will appeal or defend cases at this level, and RGG Law has bankruptcy lawyers of that caliber.

“It is important to have an attorney who knows what they are doing,” advised Mr. Gold. “Some of these companies or firms that just prepare bankruptcy schedules and file cases as if bankruptcy is a cookie cutter practice are not prepared to handle contested issues, much less an appeal to BAP. It does matter who represents you.”

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RGG Law and its team of experienced attorneys have helped over 10,000 clients with debt relief through bankruptcy over the past 20 years. All four partners of the firm, including Jon Gold, practice bankruptcy law.