A Disability Lawyer Can Win You An Early Victory

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How A Disability Lawyer Can Save You Time

If your claim is disapproved after your turning in your initial application to the Social Security Administration, there is still hope. However, the appeals process is a little more complicated in terms of requirements and paperwork. The next fastest way to receive benefits is to have what is known as an “on-the-record” (OTR) decision. At this this stage, hiring an expert disability lawyer is crucial because otherwise you’ll have to wait on a hearing with an administrative judge, which can unfortunately take over a year to be adjudicated.

What Is An On-The-Record Review?

So what is an “on-the-record” review? An on-the-record review from Social Security means that you can win disability without having to have a hearing. It would require a favorable ruling by an administrative law judge (ALJ) made prior to a hearing at the Social Security Administration. OTR is actually short for a decision that is based “on the medical records” and written information that is provided to the judge before a hearing. This can be a really complicated and exhaustive process as the SSA uses a lot of scrutiny in the approval process and looks for specific terminology from what disability attorneys refer to as the “Blue Book.”

How A Disability Lawyer Can Help You With An OTR

The blue book shows severe, medically provable impairment that matches a certain criteria of conditions listed in the SSA’s list of disabilities. This is where having an expert disability lawyer in your corner can be crucial. A good disability lawyer will not only obtain information from physicians to answer questions requested by Social Security that may not be in your medical records, but also help you acquire any new medical records that might support your case. Furthermore, they should write a clear and concise brief presenting arguments for why you should receive benefits that meet the specific requirements set out by Social Security.

Attorney Adjudicator & Substantial Gainful Activity

Here’s how this can save you time and potentially speed up the approval process. The disability lawyer in practice should be able to write a proposed decision so that an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) can just approve it rather than having to write the decision. They can also speak to the Attorney Adjudicator to underscore the specific merits of your case and negotiate your disability onset date. If an attorney adjudicator is reviewing your files, they may call to ask if you are currently working at all in any capacity. This is called substantial gainful activity. Also, they may ask you when your disability began, which is referred to as onset date issues. To avoid a hearing, it is crucial to answer their questions as thoroughly as possible.

Let RGG Law Help You Get An “On-The-Record” Decision

There are a lot of steps to filing for disability and each step is crucial in the approval process. The only way to speed up the approval process and not have to wait on a hearing is to get an “on-the-record” decision. As outlined above, this is a very complicated and time-consuming process. Not to mention, the Social Security Administration is very stringent when it comes to making these decisions. These are all reasons why hiring an expert disability lawyer to navigate the maze of paperwork and requirements for Social Security benefits is so important. If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with RGG Law Springfield, your local experts on Social Security Disability.