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On April 9, 2015, RGG Law attorney Sam M. Coring participated in a national seminar hosted by the National Business Institute (NBI) on the topic “Obtaining Veterans Benefits.” The focus of the meeting included a general overview of various veterans benefits programs, the appeals process for VA claim decisions and issues related to veterans and their claims for disability benefits, both with the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration.

Many veterans have the assistance of veterans organizations, like Disabled American Veterans (DAV), to file and appeal their claims for veterans benefits and veterans pensions with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). However, veterans are often eligible to apply for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration as well. Disability attorneys at RGG Law frequently represent disabled veterans in their claims with Social Security.

RGG Law’s Stance on Disability Claims for Veterans

“There are differences between the disability programs of these two agencies, and it only makes sense to study and be knowledgeable about them if you are going to represent as many veterans as we do,” observed Coring. “This is a great opportunity to add to our knowledge base at RGG Law so we can do the best job possible fighting for our vets.”