Common Reasons for Filing Bankruptcy

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Person who needs to consider filing bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy: Typical Causes for Doing So Whether you like it or not, filing bankruptcy is sometimes necessary in order to get a fresh start with your financial standings. Reaching this point can happen from a combination of factors and tends to differ from person to person. It may sneak up on you out of nowhere or finally strike after … Read More

Disability Lawyers Explain Common Mistakes People Make

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Disability lawyers helping people who made mistakes

Things to Avoid as Explained by Disability Lawyers Going through the Social Security disability process requires many steps, a good amount of patience, and an understanding of many phrases. Unfortunately, this list of items can result in people making some costly mistakes that end up jeopardizing their chances of gathering benefits. At RGG Law, our disability lawyers want to make … Read More

Bankruptcy Lawyers Explain Good Financial Planning

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Bankruptcy lawyers sharing advice

Advice From a Bankruptcy Lawyer on Staying Financially Stable Filing bankruptcy is something that no one wishes to do. The term itself has terrifying connotations, and many people get scared at the mere thought of having to admit to such a process. However, sometimes filing bankruptcy is necessary to get back on the right track. Whatever your situation may be, … Read More

Glossary of Terms From a Disability Lawyer

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Disability lawyer explaining terms

Our Disability Lawyers Explain Common Terms Applying for Social Security disability benefits can involve a lot of confusing technical terms that may not be easily identifiable up front. However, knowing what these phrases mean can be very important in doing well during the appeals process. In an effort to make sure our clients are up to par with all there … Read More

Becoming a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Bankruptcy lawyer education

How Difficult Is It to Become a Bankruptcy Lawyer? Being a bankruptcy lawyer means working in a highly specialized field. As with any specialized career path, this means a lot of education, a lot of work, and a high price for the achievement. But how, exactly, do you become a bankruptcy lawyer? And how difficult is it? RGG Law offers … Read More

RGG Law: The Importance of Medical Treatment in Your Social Security Disability Case

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RGG Law and the importance of medical treatment for SSD

Medical Treatment Advice from RGG Law At RGG Law, we have years of experience navigating the intricacies of Social Security disability law. As virtually all of our clients are living on a very restricted budget as they seek disability benefits, many wonder about the expense of medical treatments and if it’s really necessary for their Social Security disability case. In … Read More

Disability Attorney Advice: What Are Work Credits?

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A Disability Attorney Explains that Working More Gives You More Work Credits

Work Credits Explained by a Disability Attorney Some people think Social Security disability is a simple process, but the process often entails hiring a disability attorney, filing a Social Security disability appeal, proving eligibility to work, and earning enough work credits prior to applying. Work credits are a vital piece of Social Security, and you don’t need to be a … Read More

How Divorce Affects Filing Bankruptcy

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Filing Bankruptcy Can Save Money During Your Divorce

Does Divorce Affect You When Filing Bankruptcy? Filing divorce can stress out anyone. Preparing for a divorce in the midst of filing bankruptcy may seem like it would bring even more stress into your life, but this process can be extremely beneficial for both spouses, especially when filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to erase most, … Read More

Why Hire RGG Law?

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shaking hands choose RGG Law

Choosing RGG Law The choice of an attorney is an important one and should not be made without research to find the right team for your situation. There are many factors that play into choosing a law firm, and any firm worth its salt will work to answer your questions and ensure that you are getting the best representation for … Read More

The Social Security Disability Appeal Process

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Social Security disability appeal timeline from RGG Law

The Process for Social Security Disability Appeal Filing an initial Social Security disability claim is full of intricacies and nuances that can become frustrating. After all of that frustration, it can be disappointing if your claim has been denied. However, initial Social Security disability claims are denied about 50% of the time. Fortunately, you have the option to file a … Read More