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Social Security denied benefits to nearly 70% of all applicants in 2015. Many denied applicants submit social security disability appeals with the help of a disability attorney, but the appeals process takes months and most people applying for disability need money sooner than later. To get the application right the first time or to improve your chances of winning a social security disability appeal, consider hiring a disability attorney from the start.

Why Hire a Disability Attorney

The experienced disability lawyers at RGG Law know what helps applicants get accepted and rejected. This knowledge is invaluable. Applicants who choose representation and legal counsel increase their chances of winning social security disability benefits. A disability attorney knows how to shed light on the specific aspects of your disability that make you incapable of earning the income you need.

Disability attorneys also understand the landscape of disability law. They know the judges who will hear your social security disability appeals, and they can prepare you for the questions the judges ask. Disability lawyers help you construct an argument based on the facts the SSA find most relevant to proving your disability, and they will gather medical evidence, medical opinions, and prepare a brief with this information.

How to Know You Are Hiring the Right Disability Attorney

You may think hiring a lawyer is expensive, but most disability lawyers ask for either no money or very little money up front. You only have to pay attorneys after you win your case. If an attorney does not help you win your case, he will not charge you for his services. This charge tends to be either 25% of your back pay or $6,000, whichever amount is less. These are general guidelines that all ethical disability lawyers should abide by. But RGG Law has put together a few questions you should ask a disability attorney before deciding to hire him or her.

How Much Disability Law Experience Do They Have?

Experience means everything in disability law. If they have been helping people with disability applications and appeals for a substantial amount of time, they know the process and the judges. On the flip side of this, however, a lawyer that takes on too many cases at once will not devote himself fully to your case.

Will They Help Fill Out Application Forms?

Hire a disability attorney who will help or have an assistant help fill out your application form. These documents are trickier than they seem, and legal counsel is a must when filling them out.

Will They Obtain Your Medical Records?

If you cannot prove your disability, you have no case. Medical records are crucial to legitimizing your disability. Make absolutely certain that your disability lawyer will order these records.

Do They Know the Judges And Staff at Your Hearing Office?

A good lawyer will have an intimate knowledge of how this process works, and this includes knowing the preferences and tendencies of the judges and staff who will look at your application. This knowledge helps them craft your arguments in a certain way before an appeal.

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