What is the Social Security Disability Appeal Process Like?

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What to Expect from a Social Security Disability Appeal

There are several steps to the social security disability appeal process. Knowing the steps of the process and what to expect can help you prepare for your appeal. Preparation and a good disability attorney can greatly improve your chances of winning your social security disability appeal. If your original claim has been denied, don’t fret too much. Many people have their original claim denied for a number of reasons, and they are still able to receive benefits after getting approved in the appeal process.


Normally, the first step of the appeal process is reconsideration. In Missouri, this is not the case. Missouri skips this first step and goes straight to the second step. Since this isn’t relevant to our clients, we’ll only describe it very briefly. Reconsideration is simply when a new disability examiner reviews your case. It’s the exact same situation as your original claim, just new eyes looking at it.

Administrative Law Judge Hearing

The first step for the appeal process in Missouri is the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing. For this step, you’ll have an Administrative Law Judge review your case. This is a fairly informal affair, but you will appear in front of the judge, who will ask you some clarification questions about your case. During this time it’s important to bring along any information or documents that may have been left out of the initial claim. It’s also important for you to bring trustworthy witnesses to testify about your condition. This stage of appeals is your best chance to get your Social Security disability appeal ruled in your favor, so you should take it very seriously.

Appeals Council

If all else fails, the final stage of the Social Security disability appeal process is having your case sent to the Appeals Council. If the Appeals Council finds the Administrative Law Judge made an error they can either request a second hearing or reverse their decision. They can also deny the appeal. After this, your only option is to take your case to federal court.

Let RGG Law Help With Your Social Security Disability Appeal

RGG Law specializes in disability cases. If you need a disability attorney who will care about your case and fight for it, contact us today. We can help you construct your case for your social security disability appeal to give you the best chance of receiving benefits. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation or view our website for more information.