Disability Lawyers Explain Common Mistakes People Make

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Disability lawyers helping people who made mistakes

Things to Avoid as Explained by Disability Lawyers

Going through the Social Security disability process requires many steps, a good amount of patience, and an understanding of many phrases. Unfortunately, this list of items can result in people making some costly mistakes that end up jeopardizing their chances of gathering benefits. At RGG Law, our disability lawyers want to make sure that our clients are informed of some of these frequent errors so that they may avoid them when it is time for their application or appeal.

Applying for the Wrong Benefit Program

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, it is crucial to know the difference between the two main programs offered by the SSA. These are comprised of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). While both of these plans essentially do the same thing in awarding payments to individuals with disabilities, their qualifications are much different. Therefore, if you apply for the wrong one, you are not going to qualify given the variation of criteria between SSDI and SSI. The disability lawyers at RGG Law can help guide you in making the correct decision for your situation.

Not Going to the Medical Examination

If you have filed an application for Social Security disability benefits, then the administration may request you to visit a doctor for a medical examination in order to obtain more information about your disability. This is usually a good thing because the SSA believes you may have the grounds for a legitimate claim. However, many individuals will skip this appointment, thus preventing the administration to gain any more knowledge about your case. Our disability lawyers strongly advise being cooperative so that you do not hurt your chances.

Not Appealing

Another common mistake that applicants make is trying to reapply for Social Security disability benefits after having their initial attempt rejected. Instead of filling out a new application, you should go through the appeals process. This will allow you to schedule a hearing date with a judge who will interview you about your conditions. Most individuals are much more successful at this stage than during the original application. However, you should have a disability lawyer to assist you through this process.

Not Hiring a Disability Lawyer

Perhaps one of the most influential mistakes that people make is opting to go through the process alone. This can be detrimental to your chances, especially during the Social Security disability appeals process. Having a disability lawyer to represent you during your hearing will help make your experience much smoother. The trained experts at RGG Law have dealt with many disability cases and are familiar with all of the particulars of the system.

Contact the Disability Lawyers at RGG Law for More Information

Keeping these mistakes in mind will help you to have a more successful experience when you are applying for Social Security disability benefits. For more information on how we can help, contact the disability lawyers at RGG Law at 417-864-4700.

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