A Disability Attorney on the Importance of Recovery

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Disability Attorneys advise taking time off

A Disability Attorney on Why It’s Important to Take Time Off

RGG Law’s disability attorneys have already covered some methods of beating boredom when you are faced with taking time off work due to disability. Although it is important to stay active during long-term leave, it is also important to remember why you have to take that time off. RGG Law goes over some of the reasons why it is important that you make the most of your time to recover, or to restructure your life if you are permanently unable to work.

Understanding Your New Situation

Disabilities and illness have been given their names for a reason. As difficult as it may be sometimes to accept a disability diagnosis for some, it is important to understand your limitations, depending on your condition. No disability attorney would ever tell you that you are now “less” able than you were, but your abilities will undeniably change.

The time afforded to you by having to take leave due to disability or illness is an opportunity to think about how your life may be different as a result. Avoid focusing entirely on the negatives here, and think instead about what you are still able to do, or the end of your recovery period, and now avenues for personal development that can result. Your family, friends and your disability attorney can help you, too, offering both advice and support.

Rest and Recuperation

When someone is employed, why do they take vacations? Nine times out of ten, it is to take a break from the stress and pressure of work, to allow time for your mind and body to relax. You should think of your disability or illness-related leave in a similar way.

While it is obviously not a vacation in the same sense, it is a period to allow your mind and body to relax. This can be especially important if you have just received a diagnosis for a disability or a serious illness. Scenarios like this are stressful, and having time to understand and accept it with the help of friends, family and even your disability attorney is important.

Improved Productivity

If your leave is short-term, or if there is a good chance that you will be able to return to some form of work eventually, one of the benefits is an improved productivity. In a regular work environment, many people find that, after taking a break, they return within an improved drive and work ethic.

This can be especially true in a situation where you have taken time off for disability or illness if you take into account our above advice about using the time for self-reflection. With the support of your friends and family, you might find yourself returning to the workforce with a renewed sense of self-worth, and a better understanding of what you are capable of.

Appreciating the Separation of Work and Home

With how many of us are now equipped with smartphones, it is harder than ever to maintain a good balance of life at work, and life at home. The disability attorneys at RGG Law know this as well as anyone, with a barrage of work emails, phone calls and reminders incoming at all hours, each more important than the last. The majority of people working full-time often allow themselves to become stressed by this lack of a barrier without even realizing it.

The time you have on disability leave, whether short or long-term, is an opportunity to establish a defined wall for yourself. Learn to appreciate your home life – wherever you live and whoever you live with – and why you need to keep it separate from your work life when you return. It can also remind you how important your own hobbies, interests and pursuits are, and that you should not define yourself by your day job.

Disability Attorney Support

Whatever the reason may be for you facing a period of time away from work, remember how important it is to take of yourself beyond your disability or illness, and that you are more than a job. Take the time to rest, recover and re-focus, and avoid anxiety about self-worth by not tying it so inextricably with gainful employment. If you are looking for help, advice or guidance, you can contact an experienced and understanding disability attorney at RGG Law for a free consultation.