How A Disability Attorney Can Lower Your Odds Of Being Denied

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Speed Up The Application Process By Hiring A Disability Attorney

Maybe you’ve found yourself unable to work because of an unfortunate accident, or perhaps you are suffering from a debilitating illness. As if it’s not already hard enough to deal with the accompanying symptoms that you may be experiencing, the social security disability approval process can be an overwhelmingly long and drawn out process. Almost adding insult to injury, it requires a ton of paperwork and back and forth between medical records and the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Denies 70% Of First-Time Applicants

Rather than spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to do it yourself, it will save you a ton of headaches in the end to hire a disability attorney from the start. A staggering 70 percent of disability claimants are denied after the initial application. Sadly, out of lack of knowledge, many of these claimants will file application after application, not realizing that Social Security will continue to deny them until they file an appeal.

A Disability Attorney Will Give You A Major Advantage

While there is no sure-fire guarantee that hiring a disability attorney will expedite the approval process, it will certainly drastically increase the odds of getting your initial application accepted. The fastest way to receive benefits is to receive approval based on your original application. Appealing the decision can take more than a year. A disability lawyer’s knowledge of exactly what Social Security is looking for along with the law will give you a tremendous advantage in the initial application process.

How Do You “Meet A Listing?”

The first step is to fill out your application so that it clearly demonstrates how you “meet a listing.” In other words, you must prove you have a severe, medically proven impairment that matches the criteria of a condition listed in the Social Security’s listing of impairments. The process of meeting a listing requires you to gather proper medical evidence to show that you have the medical impairments you claim to have. Then you have to request aid from your doctor in a way that will help your case.

Why Terminology Is So Important

All of this can be very confusing because the SSA looks for specific terminology. A disability attorney can clearly communicate to your doctor what the specific terminology the Social Security Administration is looking for so they can make this terminology clear. It is also important to note that if you have a terminal illness case, you are eligible for expedited treatment. With all that said, an attorney will likely only take your case at this early stage if he or she thinks you have a good chance of winning.

RGG Law’s Expert Attorneys Handle All Levels Of Review

If your initial application was denied, the next fastest way to receive benefits would be to have an “on the record” decision. Stay tuned for future blogs where we will discuss how a disability attorney can help you with the social security disability appeal process. At RGG Law, we handle Social Security disability cases at all administrative levels of review and not only consult, but will also walk you through the entire process. Call now to schedule a free consultation with an expert disability attorney.